I am currently Chancellor’s Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK. In my work as a feminist cultural studies scholar I focus on discourses of gender, race, ethnicity and sexuality in Eastern Europe, particularly Estonia, which I view through the intersections between postsocialist and postcolonial theorizing.

I hold a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Tartu, Estonia and an MA in Gender Studies from Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

After having worked as Assistant Lecturer at the Department of English, University of Tartu, Estonia, I received my PhD in Gender Studies from Linköping University, Sweden in 2013. I then held a 3-year postdoctoral position anchored in two projects: 1) on intersectionality (Linköping University); and 2) on gender, war and nationalism in contemporary Europe (Stockholm University).

From 2016-2018 I was Assistant Professor in postcolonial and postsocialist feminisms and creative writing methodologies at Linköping University, Sweden. In 2015 and 2016, I was Guest Faculty in Feminist Studies and Visiting Scholar at the Socialism/Postsocialism research cluster at the University of California Santa Cruz, USA. In 2018 and 2019, I was a Visiting Scholar at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. In 2019-2022 I was Postdoctoral Researcher at the Centre for Women’s and Gender Research at the University of Bergen, Norway.

I have served as the Co-Director of the National Research School for Gender Studies and led the interdisciplinary and interfaculty research group Foundational Questions in Gender and Sexuality Research.

As of May 2022, I’m the co-editor of European Journal of Women’s Studies (SAGE) together with madeleine kennedy-macfoy.